Serres Game Show - "Identify That Quote"

A request came in to identify the source of a Michel Serres quote. If the notion that all of us are smarter than any one of us is true (I certainly think that is the case with Serres readers), perhaps we can get this figured out and avoid plummeting into a pool of mud. Here's the quote:
"In my eyes it is never a crime to steal knowledge - it is a good theft. The pirate of knowledge is a good pirate."


Michel Serres on Global Economics

Thanks to Guillaume Lebleu for this post. He translates parts of an interivew that Serres had with Les Echos, a French financial newspaper. I've posted a comment on Guillaume's site and would encourage you to take a look and offer your thoughts on the topic. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

"Philosophers are guilty. They have missed the magnitude of changes in the world...I see all institutions [as] true dinosaurs."

Does Serres have something valuable to contribute to the discussions on global economic health or is this kind of input a case of setting sail on a voyage for which he is ill-equipped?