Serres Bibliography and Wikipedia

I've made some additions to the bibliography for Serres on Wikipedia with assistance from a bits and pieces you've sent me over the years, including the listing from Steven Connors website.

However, there is a need for a complete bibliography in an open form online - perhaps using Endnote or Jorge or something similar. It would be great to have primary, secondary, web, and other sources listed in as wide a variety of languages as Serres's work has been translated into.

Can anyone help out with this? Go to Wikipedia to see what I've added - it will likely inspire you to do better.

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English translation of Statues?

We need some help from the Serres readership. A debate coach from the US, is looking for a good English translation of Statues : le second livre des fondations, Paris: Flammarion, 1989.

My bibliography does not include an English translation reference. I will look further online but thought some of might now if anything is available or is being worked on.

Here is the note:

Thanks for your continued work on the Serres blog - I very much enjoy the thought presented there. I was curious if you were aware of any effort for an English translation of Serres' 1987 work Statues. From Latour's "Conversations" with Serres and the reference to his perception of risk, it's a work I'm very much interested in.