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Michel Serres dancing

Catherine Bernstein interviews Michel Serres on the Seine

Michel Serres - Fnac Boulogne (1/3)

Michel Serres - Fnac Boulogne (2/3)

Michel Serres - Fnac Boulogne (3/3)

Raoul Mortley - Interview of Michel Serres

ABSTRACT (click for PDF of interview)
Michel Serres was born in France in 1930, and is Professor in History of Science at the Sorbonne (Paris 1). He began his adult life by training for the navy, and a love for the sea and its metaphors is always evident in his work. Originally from the south of France, Michel Serres is keenly interested in rugby. His philosophical work began with the study of Leibniz, but following this he embarked on his own self-expression, which led him to the five-volume Hermes series of books. Some of Leibniz' themes persist throughout his work, particularly those concerned with combination, communication and invention. His method is based on an encyclopaedic approach, and this holism is evident in his writing: all kinds of data are held to contribute to philosophy, and the philosopher must not cut himself off from any form of investigation. His most recent work bridges the gap between philosophy and literature, and it has a wide readership.

Michel Serres on Sport