Five Senses - English Translation

This new Continuum translation hasn't been released at Amazon.ca (Canada) yet but Peter Jones from the UK pointed it out as something that will likely be of interest to Serres readers. It is available in the UK. If anyone does read it and wants to post some comments on the translation or the ideas covered, I would be happy to post something here. The UK site provides this overview:
This book represents a defining break in Michel Serres' work, leaving behind traditional philosophy to explore the history and culture of science. Marginalized by the scientific age with its metaphysical and philosophical systems, the lessons of the senses have been overtaken by the dominance of language and the information revolution.

An Interesting Use of The Parasite

The ideas of noise and parasitic activity in The Parasite were among the inspirations used to launch this "Neofuturist Manifesto." You might find the 50 second video, if not profound, then at least brief. I kind of got what they were going for but then it ends and you are left going, "Huh...interesting..." What did you think of it? I didn't embed it so you can travel there of your own free will.