Serres and the scupltures of Bianca Maria Barmen

An exhibition of sculptures by artist Bianca Maria Barmen is running at the Kunsthallen Brandts. One commentatory compared Barmen's style to Serres's thoughts on recognition amid a fast and fluid world.

Marie Bukdahl relates Bianca Maria Barmen's sculptures to the view expressed by Michel Serres in his book Statues, that sculpture represents a special path to recognition: 
"In several of her sculptures there is secret realm from which society's rapid, texturally-lacking stream of images meets resistance in a particularly intense way. Her sculptural works appear as strong points from which to take bearings, or mysterious monuments that counteract the transient nature of our surroundings."
Bianca Maria Barmen's sculptures are difficult to define. They are like a perfect haiku poem in which both rhythm and content would collapse if one dared remove even a single letter.

You can read more about the exhibit here on the e-flux website.