A Wonderful Find

While on a month-long road trip this summer with my family, I had a chance to visit Quebec City. There, within the beautiful walls, I found a French bookstore. After entering, I located the philosophy section and was excited to see a plastic wrapped edition of Le Systeme de Leibniz et ses modeles mathematiques. As a slow student of French, I will have my work cut out digging through this but it will be worth every effort. I asked the shopkeeper if he had any more works by Serres. He returned with Le Contrat Naturel, La Legende des Anges, and Les Origines de la Geometrie. This was such a welcome find.


Jason Hesiak said...

ok...confession...i'm about to just copy/paste a portion of my comment from over at church and postmodern culture: a conversation...

"Now...down to business :) I saw on your blog that Serres wrote a book called "The Origin of Geometry." I would very much like to cheat and have you tell me what Serres says is the origin of geometry...??? :)) Geo-metry has been a preoccupation of mine for some time now. My supervisor and I have had it out over it here and there, too :)"


Anonymous said...

Hey! I hope someone sees my comment here (Ifelt this was the most relevant post for it.) So I only very recently started reading Serres, an mainly decided to pursue his work due to seeing him cited fairly frequently in Gilles Deleuze's book "The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque." Anyway, I was mainly curious if anyone knew whether there were any plans whatsoever to translate Serres book on Leibniz into English or whether anyone knew of somewhere (besides Quebec) to find a copy of it (in French, that is.) Thanks for any and all suggestions, etc.!