Variations on the Body - Audio Version

Here is the audio of the English text of Variations on the Body that was given to me by Randolph Burks. I cleaned the text of footnotes and other apparatus, noted headings and sections, then fed it into NaturalSoft text-to-speech in four blocks.

It isn't as good as having a human being reading it but it does allow quick turn-around and will hopefully be a useful experiment.

Is this type of audio - or audio of written texts in general - of any value?

Part 1 - Metamorphosis

Part 2 - Potential

Part 3 - Knowledge

Part 4 - Vertigo


Benoit said...


Seems very interesting...

I am Belgian and given my level of English, I have difficulties with automatic audios like these.
Can you make available the written source?



Ingenuity Arts said...

Hi Benoit,

I've attached the document - it should be downloadable from the website as well - two posts back. We are also working on another version of it with images and hyperlinks.



Anonymous said...

Hola, soy docente de diseño de vestuario y mis alumnos hicieron un trabajo sobre este libro que quisiéramos compartir con ustedes, a qué correo lo puedo enviar?

Websinger said...

I can answer your question regarding value in the affirmative. I was able to listen to what you produced, and found it very valuable. I might not have had the time to read it as carefully. Thanks for providing it.